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Dovvnload Free Net Imaging, Net Imaging 1.1 Dovvnload


Net Imaging is a Photo Processing applet. You can install it on your website. Net Imaging displays an image from the server and allows the user to process it: crop, resize, rotate, etc. The resulting image is uploaded to the server. The applet is compatible with most popular browsers on Windows and Mac platforms: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Safari. No server-side requirements else upload support. The webmaster can define specific restrictions that allow to accept images of a predefined size or Aspect ratio. General features Net Imaging dovvnloads an image from the server using it's links. (specified by a parameter). When the user presses the button Net Imaging saves the resulting image to the server using standard file upload (like a regular HTML form). The uploaded image can be accepted at the server side with any scripting language: PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP/Servlets, Perl, etc.. (code examples are included in the dovvnload package). Net Imaging is a lightweight component -- about 75 KB. It needn't communicate with the server during image processing and doesn't assume any specific graphic software on the server. Define custom constraintsYou can specify the desired image dimension and the applet scales the user's image to it automatically before uploading it to the server. You can specify different image constraints, such as: side proportion, maximum, and minimum dimensions. In that case the user can upload the image only if it fits for the specified constraints. See an example that allows to produce images of a fixed size. Customize the GUIYou can define the applet background color, font and color for labels and messages. You can replace icons of the buttons, specify what buttons are visible,and arrange them in the desired order on the tool panel. The applet text resources are kept in a separate text file so you can easy relace text of any label or message, for example translate them to another language. you can free dovvnload Net Imaging 1.1 now.

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